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The hotel complex "Mithos" is a modern hotel, consisting of several buildings, a restaurant, the dining room and recreation center with a Finnish steam bath, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Japanese gambaneke, massage chairs in the common rooms.
Located in the southern part of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the scenic area, in an upscale, environmentally clean, near the Pear Garden, 5 km from the airport, 2 minutes away from the largest shopping mall City Mall.
The hotel offers its own shuttle bus. It offers 86 comfortable rooms, including luxury suites, business rooms 4, 32 studio apartments, 33 single rooms and 16 double rooms.
Rooms with all the amenities they are equipped with safes and electronic locks, telephone, access to Internet resources, channels of radio and satellite television. The elegant interiors of the hotel are made in a variety of warm colors, using natural materials.
Author's work of interior decoration Italian and Japanese designers will make the visit a memorable one. The quality of service meets the high-level hotels and apartments offered by the European standards.



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